Tunnel Ventilation & ITS

We’re providing complete project solution from design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of all mechanical, electrical and control systems in a tunnel.

We are specialists in the ventilation and automation part of tunnels. With extensive experience in the ventilation of complex tunnels in all phases of project work from design, installation and commissioning including smoke testing. We offer a comprehensive tunnel solution that unifies tunnel traffic management system and electro-mechanical and Tunnel SCADA.

Ventilation Systems

  • Installation of ventilation systems , fire resistant doors & dampers
  • Commissioning , test & maintenance of ventilation systems


Safety - a key word for tunnel ITS systems. Monitoring, detection and control systems inside tunnels can do much to improve traveller safety. We jointly with our partners have been involved in tunnel control system supply, install and commissioning and have acquired extensive knowledge and expertise in the fields of tunnel control and automation systems. We are offering turnkey services for

  • Video Surveillance and Automatic Incident Detection Systlis.
  • Water Supply and Automatic Sprinkling Systlis
  • Traffic Control and Managlient Systlis, including variable signalization and traffic detection/counting
  • Emergency Telephone Systli
  • Public Announclient (PA) Systlis
  • Rebroadcasting Systlis for radio and cellular services
  • Data Communication Network
  • Supervisory Control (SCADA) and Control for infrastructure monitoring and control
  • CCTV and Automatic Incident Detection
  • Fire Detection, Protection & Ventilation Control Systlis
  • Intercom over IP and help points
  • Environment systlis
  • Control desk design / build / refit
  • Toll collection systlis

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