Solar Energy

We are offering Project Development, Engineering, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of solar photovoltaic infrastructures. We manage the sizing, design and installation of the correct solar system for your needs.

At the heart of this solution is the deep industry knowledge, strategic partnership with a leading western EPC and association with world leading manufactures enable us to perform a Full Service EPC at every step of the value chain including Engineering, Procurement & Purchasing, Project Management, Construction, Commissioning and Operation & Maintenance.

We’re well connected with Independent Power Producer (“IPP”) to offer cost competitive solar photovoltaic plants on lease to the market. With a strong financial backing from our joint venture partners, we are constantly looking for new opportunities in this rapidly expanding global solar market.

Our solar leasing options mean no capital investment and an immediate reduction in your current electricity bill.

  • We provides a turnkey solar PV system to users of electricity:
  • We arrange to fund the entire system cost, including equipment, labor, interconnection and permitting; no cost to end user
  • We customize the system's configuration and the contract to customer's needs
  • We identify and source the optimal equipment from manufacturers
  • We design, engineer and install the system with our own installation team
  • We monitor and operate the system over the length of the contract

Net metering allows you to generate solar electricity without you having to worry about when that electricity is used. At the end of the month you pay us for solar electricity, and your local utility for the net amount you have used from the grid. And if your system has contributed more to the grid than you’ve used, your local utility carries forward your credit.

We believe in a world where the price of solar electricity is cheaper than fossil fuels, and the future of solar power is limitless.

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