Since the 1980s, AUER has been specialist in visual and audible signaling device. As global player they delivers high-quality visual and audible signaling solutions for the industry, the building technology as well as general applications. Our international partners are present worldwide over 50 countries to support our clients.

The products are extremely weather resistant and can be used in a variety of in-and out door applications, such as on airports, oil rigs, in mechanical and process engineering as well as in vehicle cabs or control cabinets. AUER customizes solutions according to the specific requirements of its clients. The visual and audible signaling solutions are not only technically state of the art, but also easy to install, low power consuming and flexibly combinable.


  • Visual Signaling Equipment
  • Signal Towers
  • Visual – Audible Sign.Equipment
  • Ex-proof Telephone
  • Ex-proof Signaling Equipment
  • Audible Signaling Equipment

Large product portfolio ranges from LED beacons and electronic sounders and horns, over LED signal towers to explosion-and weatherproof phones and explosion-proof visual and audible signaling solutions.


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