We’re offering ESCO energy services by implementing energy-efficiency projects on a turn-key basis. We are committed to help our clients to turn their facilities into places that are more cost-efficient, environmentally responsible places to do business.

Based on an Energy Saving Performance Contract (ESPC), the ESCO model works by examining organisation’s probability for economical solar electricity generation and current energy usage mainly for lighting and air conditioning. Calculations are then made for the financial savings that could be achieved through a range of key energy efficiency measures and upgrades.

For a customer, the process requires no capital outlay. We can arrange all upfront capital with the investment recuperated over an agreed payback period, through the energy savings generated.

We’re offering :

  • Indoor & outdoor lighting retrofit with high efficient LED and Air condition optimization. The service is structured around the energy savings to repay monthly leasing / debt service costs
  • We manage the sizing, design and installation of the correct solar system for your electricity needs. We arrange the capital investment to build it. We operate and maintain the system. You only pay at lower cost for the electricity we generate
  • Renewable water heating / steam generation technologies are an effective and energy efficient way for hospitals & hotels, while helping to reduce carbon emissions and energy bills

ESCO’s lighting , AC retrofits and solar energy on lease dramatically reduce that cost and make your facility more marketable, sustainable and efficient as you head into the future.

Positive cash flow - Our solar leasing options mean no capital investment and an immediate reduction in your current electricity bill. The typical ESCO project includes the following elements:

  • Site survey and preliminary evaluation;
  • Investment grade energy audit;
  • Financial presentation and client decision;
  • Guarantee of the results by proper contract clauses;
  • Project financing;
  • Comprehensive engineering and project design and specifications;
  • Procurement and installation of equipment; final design and construction;
  • Project management, commissioning and acceptance;
  • Facility and equipment operation & maintenance for the contract period;
  • Measurement and verification of the savings results;
  • Operation and maintenance.

Our Street Light Conversion Program enables your community to cost-effectively take control of your street lighting operations and achieve significant energy cost savings. Our programs deliver maximum, verified energy and operational savings while improving the quality of light. Your Street Light Conversion Program can be structured with no initial capital outlay required and immediate positive cash flow to your locality.

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