Friulsider S.p.A/ETANCO, established in 1966, has expanded rapidly over the years and through its continual research into technologically innovative solutions. Friulsider is constantly extending its product range, which currently encompasses a total of 10,000 items. Our inhouse laboratory is fully equipped for the entire ETA test procedures on any type of support, including cracked concrete, and tests are carried out up to an extraction value of 500kN.

Product Range:

Metal Anchors

  • Heavy Duty Anchors-Seismic Certification
  • Medium Heavy Duty Sheild Anchors

Chemical Fixing

  • KEM UP – Epoxy                              
  • KEM UP – Polyester                        Scaffold Fixings
  • KEM UP – Vinylester                      Concrete Screws
  • Silicones and Sealants                    Fixings for insulating material (CE Certified)

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