Since founded more than 20 years ago Aplicaciones Tecnológicas (AT), Spain has been known for innovation, quality and reliability. AT product line offers the advanced technology required to protect sensitive equip­ments through the use of Early Streamer Emission (ESE) terminals for Lightning Protection.

We provide all technologies for Earthing and Lightning Systems Protection. Our Principles designed and manufactured products and systems design advice along with our in house supervision testing and commissioning we can provide total solution for your lightning protection and Earthing needs.

We are well equipped to provide Tecno-commercial offer in compliance with BS 7430 | UL 467 based on site survey, innovative risk management software and technical guidance.

We understand that besides meeting the everyday needs of our customers, we also have a commitment to our employees, our associates, the society and the environment. To realize this commitment, we have set well-defined policies and principles. The real time practice of these policies and practices, coupled with the belief that even perfection can be improved upon, have earned us the goodwill and trust of everyone. All of which makes us one of Middle East’s most growing Corporate.

  • Earthing
  • External & Internal Protection
  • Exothermic Welding
  • Preventive Protection
  • Standards :- IEC/EN 62305,NFC 17102,UNE 21186

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